Elisabeth Spencer, Pinot Noir 2007 is another wonderful bottle of red from my recent trip to Napa!  I am certainly indulging myself and my friends in some amazing wines these days.

Last night as my friend was “shopping” in my closet for a dress for a wedding this weekend and my other friend was in crisis because of a broken down car, and I was sitting on the sofa watching “He’s just not that into you” …again, I decided to open a bottle of Elisabeth Spencer, Pinot Noir.  Of course, all of the wines I purchased have been pre-tasted so I already know none of them are going to disappoint me or my friends.

Elizabeth Spencer believes states…“Our belief is that wine should be delicious and representative of its appellation of origin. We make wines to drink – inviting wines that we and our friends (and by extension, our customers) truly enjoy.   The model for all of our wines is intensity without excess weight, purity, persistence and length.”

This particular Pinot is almost purple in color.  The initial aroma is of cherry liquor and smoky tobacco with a hint of spice.  It is also quite oaky and somewhat complex. The wine starts out very full bodied and has flavors of dark plum, cherries and a sharp acidic bite that makes it quite intriguing to taste.  As the wine opens up more it almost becomes delicate and light, very smooth and drinkable.  It loses some of the acidity and just tickles the taste buds with spices and ends with a silky smooth long finish.  I was practically turning my glass upside down and shaking it for more wine, but with three of us tasting this wine, the bottle ran out very quickly L.  Don’t worry, I have another bottle!!!!

The cost is approximately $38/bottle.

My rating…