Last night I decided to treat myself and Marcella to a pricey bottle of Cakebread Syrah.  One of the many bottles that I purchased while in Napa in March.

I talked Marcella through the process of the wine tasting experience… my version of it.  Color, first nose, second nose, sip, taste and finish.  Throw some fun words in, say exactly what you think and…  it’s as simple as that!

The Cakebread Syrah is gorgeous in color when you pour.  It just begs you to take a big gulp, however, one must wait.  A dark, deep, blackcurrant jam, almost opaque color.  The first nose is musky and earthy and then spicy with a deep currant aroma.  On the palate it is smooth, creamy and very intriguing with a mix of berries, chocolate and pepper.  At first, each sip brings you something new and different and then the wine settles into a luxurious, delicious, heady drink that you never want to stop sipping.  The finish is dry and tannic. 

I asked Marcella what she thought.  At first she said, “I feel silly” but I said “just say what you think, anything at all?”  She said it reminded her of “Peanut Butter and Jelly.”  I asked… “how so?”  She said she thought it was “jammy with a layer of nuttiness.”  I think this is a perfect description of this outstanding, deliciously decadent Syrah.

I loved this wine, as did Marcella.  It is a fabulous treat to enjoy, savor and remember.

My rating…