thor1Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Marvel Comic Super Hero movies.  Spiderman, X-Men, Iron Man – I love them all and own quite a few of them.

Last night a few of us decided to go and see “Something Borrowed.”  Unfortunately, it was sold out so we split up and went to see different movies.  I picked Thor in 3D directed by Kenneth Brannagh.  I haven’t seen a 3D movie since Jaws 3 back in 1983!!!!   I was very excited for the latest Marvel blockbuster.

Ultimately, the movie is so awesome… and in 3D it is fantastic! A great cast led by the absolutely gorgeous Australian, Chris Hemsorth who played Thor, the hammer wielding God of Thunder.  Chiseled, flawlessly formed and a lovely sparkle in his eye… he is cast perfectly.  Anthony Hopkins plays his father, Odin and Natalie Portman plays the femme fatale on earth, Jane.

The world of Asgard becomes threatened after a long peace agreement with the Frost Giants of Jotunheim.  Thor, being a young arrogant heir to replace his father’s position, wants revenge and heads to Jotunheim with a few of his friends (all looking like action men figurines) to fight the Frost Giants.  Infuriated by Thor’s defiance, Odin removes his son’s power as well as his hammer and exiles him to Midgard (Earth) where he lands in the middle New Mexico and ends up being hit by Jane’s (Natalie Portman) car. The hammer follows and lands in the earth waiting to be removed by a person worthy of it; something along the lines of “Excalibur.”  Obviously, Thor needs to become worthy and understand what his father is trying to teach him.

The movie moves along at a fast pace and is non-stop action.  Thor’s brother, Loki, the sinister, not quite as good as his big brother, Thor, keeps you guessing throughout the movie on whether he is a good guy or bad.  Loki is played rather well by newcomer, Tom Hiddleston,  Of course, you work out quickly what he is but what you don’t know is why he feels so different until later in the movie.

The chemistry between Jane and Thor is quite funny to watch and there are some amusing scenes that make you chuckle, mainly because it is so cheesy and kitschy. The movie is bordering the ridiculous in parts but I still couldn’t help but love it.   It is truly entertaining stuff.

If you want a fun, easy to watch, action-packed movie with a beautiful lead man, Thor is a fabulous choice!