I need to go back home to bed and it is only 9.00am.  The reason for this is because I set my alarm for 4.30am so that I could come into town and meet my Brit friend, James at the Four Seasons for breakfast and to watch the Royal Wedding.

Being British I did feel an absolute obligation to watch the wedding.  Now I am so tired, I can barely type.  I am thinking about locking my office door, pulling down the blinds and sleeping under my desk “George Castanza style.”

Late yesterday afternoon James asked me to join him at the Four Seasons at an ungodly hour.  Apparently, they were showing the Royal Wedding on large TV screens in their Bristol Lounge. I thought why not, I am sure it wont hurt to get up at 4.30am.  Oh, but it did!

Prior to arrival I felt I needed a Royal name so I used this little fun gimick to come up with a name…   Start with Lady (or Lord)… Your first name is the first name of one of your grandparents… Surname is the name of your first pet… The name of the street you grew up on with “of”…  So, I’m Lady Frances Bobby of Clare.   That is so awful!!!!!!

Anyway, I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel at 5.45am and was escorted to probably the best table in the restaurant, right in front of our own huge TV screen.  The restaurant was packed with hat and tiara wearing ladies – so fun.  I sadly left my tiara at home

I ordered a “Full English” as did James – we again felt it was our obligation as Brits to do so.  A Full English is a breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, mushroom and toast, sometimes black pudding but definitely not for me – yuck.  So now not only am I tired, I am also very full indeed.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a Full English.  It was fantastic!  Being at the Four Seasons was truly a delight

The wedding, of course was beautiful.  Kate looked radiant and stunning in her gorgeous Grace Kelly’esq wedding dress, simple veil and sparkling tiara and earrings.  Kate is now a Princess – every little girl’s dream.  Both William and Harry looked very dashing in their uniforms. Watching the wedding did make me feel a little homesick.

And… what about the hats!  We Brits love to wear hats.  If I ever get married, wearing a hat is going to be a requirement for all the ladies.  For the Royal Wedding there were some fabulous hats, some downright ugly, some very silly and some fun.  Take a look…


Congrats Kate & William and thank you for breakfast to my friend James!