As you all know I like wine, no, let me restate that, I LOVE WINE… I do.  I see it as one of the many pleasures in life.  With this love in mind, I thought why not write a little about what I am drinking and share on my Blog. 

I did study wines many many years ago; what now feels like another lifetime ago, and I have done nothing at all to use what I have learned except to drink it.  Not a totally wasted talent :). My wine opinions have become sour grapes, excuse the pun.  I am either “oooh I like that” or “don’t like it” – it is that simple.  So here goes, no big words, no pretentiousness, short and sweet, just me and my wine…

 My first wine review ever!

“Everyone has a little rebel in them, and we winemaker’s are no exception. This is the wine we make to shake things up.” -Mike Trujillo, Director of Winemaking


I first tasted Rebellious Red during my trip to Napa Valley earlier this year.  Sequoia Grove is a relaxed, casual little winery with super friendly, unassuming staff.  I loved this place.  The staff was enjoying the tastings as much as their customers, which can only be a good thing.  I also liked this wine so much I bought three bottles.  I was so excited when it finally arrived that I opened my first bottle almost immediately.  I now wish I had purchased more bottles.

The wine is a beautiful dark ruby color.  At first nose I get berries, followed by a dark intense cherry aroma and a little spice.  The taste is delicious and smooth, both lightly sweet and a tinge of sharpness with just a hint of chocolate.  The finish lasts quite some time and just lingers on your tongue, tempting you to have another taste, which of course I do.  I can imagine served with red meat or lamb this wine would be spectacular.  Tonight I was drinking alone and without food but still enjoyed the wine just as much as I would have done with dinner.  A superb, curl up on my sofa, wishing I had a real fire, wine. 

Perhaps a little pricey for a regular night in but totally worth it.  I will likely save my next two bottles for something special or when I have friends over for dinner.  Or, I will be selfish and just keep them to myself.  I can’t decide :).

I think this wine can only be purchased direct from the winery.  It is definitely worth trying to track down if you can find it locally – I couldn’t find it anywhere.  If all is lost, get a New Hampshire address like I did and order directly from Sequoia!

My Rating…