What a fun Saturday evening.  I started my evening out with Marcella quite early to go and see “The Lincoln Lawyer.”   Although Matthew only took his shirt off once, this is a surprisingly good movie with lots of plot twists and turns.  Ryan Phi

llipe is superb as the good guy/bad guy – what is he?  Good or Bad?  You will have to go and see the movie.  It was definitely a good Saturday night movie.

After the movies, we were trying to think of somewhere to go for dinner when Marcella remembered that the new “Max Brenner” restaurant had just opened.  The naughty chocolatier, famous for his chocolate ingenious creations but also for his customers pouring chocolate over each other in France, has now opened his second store and restaurant on the East Coast.

Max Brenner’s restaurant and store is like walking into a Willy Wonka factory – so fun.  I think this place would bring a smile to anyone’s face!  Chocolate everywhere!  Jars, bottles and containers of it on every shelf in the restaurant!   The restaurant is bustling, loud and so colorful.  It’s like walking into a happy place that also serves alcohol.

The bar area was packed so we expected to wait for a seat as the restaurant has only been open three days.  To our surprise we were seated in the restaurant immediately.  No sooner had we sat down, AJ, our awesome waiter came over to greet us.  Completely overwhelmed by the menus, as I was totally clueless as to what on earth I was going to order, AJ came to the rescue.  I knew I was hungry as my appetizer of popcorn at the movies was wearing off, and I knew I wanted a drink.  I was thinking a glass of wine but the selection was a bit limited for a wine drinker.  However, I was in a chocolate restaurant so what was I thinking with going for wine?  I forgot my glasses so AJ and Marcella were kind enough and very funny with reading out the menu to me.  The second I heard Espresso, chocolate and vodka I was sold!  I ordered the “Mocha Madness” and I added Vodka.  Alcohol can be added to all drinks, which is always fun!

The Mocha Madness came with some very tasty raisin biscotti so I felt I was already a little full.

“Mocha Madness” kahlua, fresh brewed espresso, milk and dark chocolate served up and I added Vodka


After looking at the menu, we felt that we could just share a few things, rather than ordering a big entrée.  We went with the Greek Style Cucumber Salad and Meaty Pizza.  The salad was crispy, very tasty and deliciously tangy, the viniagrette was perfect.  The pizza was meaty yumminess.  Thin crust, which I love, just the right amount of cheese and tomato and lots of meat.  We couldn’t even eat it all.

Greek Style Cucumber Salad feta, red onions, tomatoes, olives, hummus crustini and red-wine vinaigrette


Meaty, Crispy, Cheesy and More bacon, pepperoni, chorizo, salami, roasted red peppers, garlic, onions & mozzarella


Me and Marcella


By the time we finished there was no room in our tummies for a dessert and to be honest, it may have taken us about an hour to make up our mind as the chocolate menu was huge.  We were having a fun gawk at all the amazing concoctions coming out of the kitchen.   I definitely have to go back to try a dessert or two.

As we were walking out we decided to check out the store and were given a couple of chocolates to taste.  I honestly cannot remember what I tasted but it was chocolate heaven.

What a fun new addition to Boston and a different type of Saturday night for me, which enjoyed from the movie to discovering Max Brenner’s to the wonderful company.  I am very excited to be going back to this restaurant.

Max Brenner and Matthew McConaughey… what a lovely combination!