The day started very leisurely with a long breakfast at our little favorite café, “Pacific Blues Café.”  After a delicious veggie omelet for me and French toast for Jen, and of course plenty of coffee, we decided to head into San Francisco for the day. Our last day in CA and it was a gorgeous one.  Our first real hint of sunshine shone through our hotel room window in the morning tempting us to get up and enjoy this last day before the redeye trips home. 

The Ferry Building Indoor Marketplace


We headed over to the “ Ferry Building” on Embarcadero for a late lunch and a walk around in the glorious sunshine.  The Ferry building marketplace is such a cool place to stroll around and browse in all of the shops and stores that sell everything from fine cheeses to exotic mushrooms to handcrafted ceramics.  It was very hard to not spend money in there!  I didn’t.

Dining Al fresco at Market Bar


We had lunch at the “Market Bar” and sat outside to share some tapas and a glass of wine.  People watching, wine and sunshine…  I was a very happy person.  Life was good right at that moment in time so we felt another glass of wine was in order.  There was really nothing else to do except sit in silence and just watch the world go by.  The silence part only lasts about five minutes because even though Jen and I had already spent four full days together, there was still plenty to talk about.

A final get together with Tina who ran the race with us at “Perbacco”, a cool and trendy restaurant near our San Fran office, and we were ready to head home.  Well not really but we had no choice.

Late night flight home, arrival in Boston at 7.30am after having no sleep and back in my bed by 8.30am for a few hours.

The last five days have been wonderful and it was great catching up with my friends.  I now need to put myself and my bank account on a very serious diet!  Very serious!