A day with nothing on the agenda, how nice.  My intention was to sleep in and enjoy the morning.  I woke up at the crack of dawn with the worst pain in my bottom… ever!  Like I had been beaten in my bottom area.  Not sure if it was the race and the wobbling that went on, or the massage and the elbowing that went on.  Either way, my butt hurt… a lot!  Is this too much information?

Our day started with trying to find a place for brunch. “Brix” was recommended to us by someone who worked at a nearby restaurant.  The place was quite wonderful and the brunch was a very high-end, all-you-can-eat affair.  There was everything from oysters to shrimp to eggs bennie to smoked salmon to amazing desserts. The price tag was high at $38/person but it was really excellent.  It is even better if you can truly get your money’s worth, which I have trouble with.

After brunch, we decided to take a trip to an old favorite winery called “Chateau St. Jean.”  The grounds are stunning and so picturesque and the wines are excellent and at an affordable price.  I had been a member for a few years before sending wines to my friend’s family in NH became too much and made me feel too guilty.  Damn the MA laws of not being able to ship wine!   My friend, Jen, did become a member, which I was very excited about. 

After our little one winery trip we deiced to head over to Sausalito, a gorgeous little town with amazing houses, for a little bit of sightseeing.  Sadly, the weather was completely against us and it rained all day… again.  Not to affect our moods completely, we stopped at a few, claiming to be the best “cappuccino” ever coffee shops, to brighten our spirits and dry out our clothes.

Back at the hotel, we made our plan for the evening.  We thought “Bouchon”, a fabulous restaurant that I have been to a few times in New York.  Bouchon did not disappoint us on food, but it did affect us in our moods with its somewhat pretentious clientele!  It was full of people who were obviously locals and seemed to look down on the visiting tourists – a little snooty.  That does not sit well with me and it didn’t sit well with Jen either.  What complete………….  I shall not finish this sentence.  Bouchon is an incredibly stunning, contemporary French Bistro, and everyone was friendly enough, however there was just enough self-importance about it to totally bug me!  It did not upset us completely and we happily drank a fabulous bottle of “Hope & Grace” Pinot Noir and enjoyed their Mussels in Saffron and the amazingly, fantastic, Salmon Rillettes which I am scouring the net to find the recipe for.
The evening ended as most of our evenings on this trip, home and tucked up quite early.  Exactly my type of trip these days.  

My final Episode to follow soon.