After a very very turbulent flight into San Francisco, with a pukiing girl next to me and an ambulance waiting for a sick child to be taken off the plane, I finally met up with Jen, who was arriving from Houston.  The child was okay by the way.

The rain was so bad we could hardly see to drive to Napa, it was pretty scary.  We did eventually arrive safely in the cutest little town of Yountville about 9 miles from Napa. 

I don’t think I could have picked a more romantic hotel if I tried.  I am sure the hotel staff was trying to work us out, which was very funny.  The Hotel Yountville, apart from being a perfect romantic getaway is quite stunning.  Our room is huge and has a big fireplace, high loft-style ceiling, a gigantic Jacuzzi tub that there is no way of getting in or out of gracefully, and two fabulously comfy, sumptuous beds – thank goodness, on the two beds that is!  The staff are amazing and were incredibly accommodating. We have already made friends with one of the guys who has been driving us around in his little golf cart.   I was a bit upset that they didn’t have their bar license yet, but was told, they have wine tastings every night… phew!

We decided to go for lunch at a little local, casual restaurant called, “Pacific Blues Cafe”, which we also went to for breakfast this morning.  Cheap, friendly, good food and great coffee.  We may go again tomorrow after the darn race!

Last night we dined at an amazing French Bistro called “Bistro Jeanty” – review to follow, but let me just say it was amazing!  Absolutely fantastic.  Highly, highly recommended!

I was falling asleep as I was on Boston time and had been up since about 5.30am.  We decided to turn in to our romantic hotel room early and got up bright and early for breakfast and then for our first wine tasting at 10.45am at Cakebread!  Who drinks wine at 10.45am?  Apparently, we do.  I figured it was 5pm somewhere!

….Episode 2 tomorrow… Cakebread, Sequoia, Elisabeth Spencer & Miner all in a day!