There has been quite a bit of buzz around the new Lolita Tequila Bar in Boston… very cool, funky, New York’esq, Trendy, “In” and lots more.  So when my friend, Kathryn called me on Thursday to join her for a cocktail after work, I could not think of anything better than perhaps a fun Margarita after a very long work day. 

On first entering Lolita (formerly Papa Razzi) on Dartmouth between Newbury and Boylston Street, everyone I met was very friendly in welcoming me into the bar.  The bar and restaurant is extremely dark and reminded of a Burlesque Club… It felt a bit naughty. There were only two steps down into the lounge area and I nearly fell down them!  I think I was just too busy looking at all the clientele (men) in the bar area.  Kathryn was waiting for me so we immediately decided to hit the bar.  The place was packed!

The cause of my morning pain!


After looking at the cocktail menu we both decided on a “Lolita” – Sauza ‘100 year’s’ Patron Citronge, fresh lime, cane syrup and fresh grapefruit and for both of us with salt.  After the first sip I think I was immediately drunk.  My goodness it was strong but absolutely delicious.  I am such a wine drinker so it was quite enjoyable to sip a Margarita at the newest, coolest bar in Boston.  The people watching was oh so fun.  I was mildly obsessed with a very handsome man, but alas there was no conversation between us.  Onto round number two.  What was I thinking?  Another Lolita and we were chatting and giggling and people watching and were amazed at the very attractive people that frequented this place.  Or maybe it was the Tequila?

Halfway through round two it was important to eat.  We were seated in the one of the little dining areas of the restaurant.  As soon as we sat down our very funky, too cool for school, pleasant waiter came over with a grapefruit palate cleanser over dry ice and asked us if we wanted Tequila on it?  Well, there was really only one right answer to this question and that was yes! 

Grapefruit Palate Cleanser with Tequila!


We took at look at the food menu and decided on a few things to share.  We ordered the Tres Ceviche of Mahi Mahi, Lobster & Scallops and Ahi Tuna.  My favorite was the Ahi Tuna but all were very fresh and tasty and the Mahi Mahi was really quite spicy which I loved.  We also ordered the Crispy Masa Oysters, which were perfectly fried and quite yummy with just the right amount of kick.  Both of these dishes came out within a minute of ordering which I always find a little startling as I am never sure how long they have been out ready and waiting.  We also ordered the Pork Tacos, which came out so quickly, we had nowhere to put it and we did feel a little rushed to finish our other dishes.  The Pork Tacos were incredibly dry and unfortunately quite tasteless.  The taco itself just tasted like dry flour.  For the food, I felt that they should have come out one at a time or we should have been asked if we wanted them altogether.  It just felt rushed and affected our enjoyment a little like they wanted us out of the place.

traditional mahi mahi in fresh lime juice, diced serrano chile & red onion
lobster & scallops with tomato, fresh orange, chile oil and avocado
coco ahi tuna in coconut milk, fresh lime, cilantro leaves & jalapeno chiles


crispy masa oysters
lightly fried east coast oysters dusted with red chile masa & chipotle crema


pulled pork
seared crispy with salssa verde


We still didn’t feel we had enough food so added another Taco dish of the Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos.  These were much tastier and not dry.  I still didn’t like the Taco itself so just eat the fish, which was really good. Oh, and we ordered another Lolita.  Yes, I was not good this morning!

We declined to have a dessert so the waiter came over with the check and a gigantic cotton candy (or Candy Floss as we call it in England).  It was very funny to look at and of course is a very kitschy thing to do.  I tasted it and it was not to my liking.  I actually wasn’t sure of the flavor but it tasted a bit like children’s medicine to me.  We decided to come up with alternative uses for the Cotton Candy.  Sorry Lolita! 

Yes, that is me behind the Cotton Candy

What a lovely Cotton Candy Hat 🙂


Or perhaps a pretty flower arrangement?


Or, then again it does make a lovely hat


The evening was fun and I am sure this was helped along by the delicious Margaritas.  I will definitely go back and hang out at the bar, and I will try other things on the menu as there are a lot of other choices that looked amazing from checking out the other patron’s dishes.



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