With all of the lunch options around where does one choose to go for a quick grab and go?  I am fed up with ABP and Souper Salad (the closest lunch places to my office) – no offense ABP and Souper Salad but I am bored with you, and the transportation building is where calories lurk to pounce on unsuspecting customers with Chinese, Mexican and Pizza and yummy bad goodness. 

My intention is always to have a healthy lunch.  I am not always good with my intentions as anyone who reads my Blog is well aware J.  I am also very lazy when it comes to making lunches, so when it comes time to step out for a salad, sandwich or soup, I either just go for the same thing every day or I go completely in the other direction and get something that is so bad for me, it makes me feel guilty for the rest of the day!

I really needed to find a place with a great salad that is not boring or just greens, or drowned in dressing, or with processed meats that are bland. So, what a nice surprise it was when I received an email from “Tossed” with an invite for me and my little Blog to go and try them out.

I am already a fan and even though it is a longer walk (good exercise), I will be back.

“Three determined friends, one unique vision: To be the first to bring a fresh salad concept to NYC.  In 1998 their hard work paid off when their vision came to life as they opened the first Tossed® location on Park Avenue South. The menu that featured a lineup of chef-designed selections, introduced bored lunchtime crowds to the concept of made-to-order salads and crepe wraps featuring over 50 fresh ingredients and homemade dressings.  The customers came … and came.”

Tossed, Prudential Mall, Boston

Their Mission…. “Tossed® is a collaboration with our co-workers and franchisees to change the way America eats.  Our commitment is to serve the freshest, most delicious and highest-quality food, in a setting that both energizes our patrons and empowers our team members to provide outstanding customer service.”

Although not the usual place I would write about, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different.  I called my friend Barbara and said “you like salads right?” She of course said “yes!” and then we were on our way to the Prudential Mall. 

Tossed is tucked in the corner of the Pru near the Sheraton Hotel.  You can’t miss it as it is the one restaurant with a line of customers going right out the door and down the hallway of the Pru.  Being a special Blogger 🙂 I went straight to the front of the queue and introduced myself to Bob, the Manager, who was super friendly and accommodating.  He told me to pick whatever myself and Barbara wanted off the menu.

I have to say looking at the menu was quite overwhelming.  Not because I couldn’t find anything I wanted but more because I could find 20 things I wanted.  They offer a selection of Signature Salads, Crepe Wraps, Design Your Own, Sandwiches and Panini’s and there is also a Breakfast Menu.  After perusing for what seemed like an hour, I went with the Cayenne Shrimp Salad with dressing on the side of Citrus Chipotle.  Barbara decided on the Summer Salad with Grilled Chicken and dressing on the side of Strawberry Balsamic.  

Crisp hearts of romaine, cayenne-spiced shrimp, avocado,
grape tomatoes, roasted onions, black bean corn salsa and
tortilla strips with citrus chipotle dressing

We found a place to sit in the packed out seating area and had a look around at the big colorful paintings and the throng of customers that continued to walk through the doors!  After just a few minutes my name was called and I went up to the counter to pick up our salads.

Baby field greens, roasted corn, grape tomatoes,
cucumber, golden raisins, strawberries and plantain chips
with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette

The place is bustling with customers getting in line to order lunch.  You can also order lunch ahead of time online or by phone and just pick it up, which is ideal for when you are in a hurry. As I was a big fan, I have put in an order for our office for Friday.  We shall see what the corporate deliveries are like and it will be a great opportunity to sample their other menu choices. Tossed is a great if you want to grab a quick bite of healthy choices and great fresh food.  I will be back, and with the added walk to the mall, I will be even healthier!