The night before Valentine’s Day and what better way to hang out and ignore the fact that I am single… again!!!! on V-Day, than with your close girlfriends drinking Prosecco and over indulging in Cheese and Chocolate Fondue!  Shame it was a Sunday!  Too much cheese, too much chocolate, just maybe too much wine but I don’t think so J.  I am single on Valentine’s Day – I should be allowed to over-indulge!

Lauren is in town and asked if I would kindly make fondue.  Of course, I would not say no, but it has been years since I made it.  I happen to have the Mercedes S-Class of Fondue Pots with a Lazy Susan that I used to make use of on a regular basis, but then it was put away in the cupboard never to be seen again until last night.  Not sure why?

I decided to go with the Dutch Fondue and the Velvety Chocolate Fondue for dessert.  

I could not stop eating.  It was ridiculous.  Thank goodness I was not alone as everyone (Lauren, Kathleen, Kathryn and Laurie) seemed to be constantly dipping into the pots for more and more delicious bites of bread and cheese, tomato and cheese, apple and cheese, ham and cheese, sometimes bread, ham and cheese, and shrimp and cheese! Holy Fondue Batman!

And, for dessert… strawberries and chocolate, pound cake and chocolate, banana’s and chocolate.  A little bit of heaven (well, a lot of heaven actually).

There were a few men down, as in a piece of bread lost in the cheese, but that only made it even more yummy and decadent as it was soaked completely through with bubbly, scrumptious, delicious cheese.  Who wouldn’t love it?

We then rolled ourselves to the sofas for the Grammy’s and to hold our full, over cheesed and chocolate’d bellies.  I do believe a fun, over indulgent evening was had by all.


A fun evening for girls!  Get the fondue pot out and eat cheese, drink wine and end the evening with chocolate.  Anything better than that?

Dutch Cheese Fondue


1 Garlic clove
1lb of grated Gouda Cheese
1 cup of dry white wine
1-2 tsp dry mustard powder
1 tbsp brandy
Cayenne Peppler
1/2 tbsp cornstarch

Rub the garlic around the inside of the fondue pot.  Light the fondue burner and add the white wine and gently heat.  Slowly melt the grated cheese bit by bit until the cheese has melted.  Mix the mustard powerder to a paste with the brandy and 1 tablespoon of water, then stir into the fondue pot.  Add the cayenne pepper to taste.

Serve with crusty bread, ham, shrimp, tomatoes, cheese and whatever else you think would taste good with cheese!

Wine and grated cheese

Lauren helping with the chopping


Ready to eat with tomatoes, ham, crusty bread and shrimp
Serve with a big green salad, or mixed lettuce, avocado and cucumber
Dressing: Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar,
Dijon Mustard and Powdered Sugar, Salt & Pepper – best dressing ever!


A seriously overstocked fridge of yummy goodies for fondue


Velvety Chocolate Fondue


8oz of bittersweet baking chocolate
1 cup of heavy cream
3-4 (or 5) tbsp of Cointreau
1 tbsp of granulated brown sugar


Break chocolate into small pieces and heat of a low flame.  Add heavy cream and Cointreau.  Once everything is melted add the sugar and stir for a few more minutes.  Nothing could be simpler or more fattening!

Serve with strawberries, bananas and pound cake.

Velvety Chocolate Fondue