All this snow, sleet, icy rain and generally appalling weather is seriously affecting my fashion and indeed, my mood.  What is a girl to do, when all she can wear is wellies, gigantic snow boots or in my friend, Laurie’s case, quite possibly the ugliest, green moon boots I have ever seen J  Laurie loves them and I think she would wear them whatever the weather!

Each morning, I am wrapped up looking like a Michelin man with sweaters, coats, scarves, hats and of course the unattractive footwear… and I walk like an idiot for fear of slipping and breaking something!  It is making me miserable.  I am five feet tall for goodness sake, I need my high shoes and non-slip pavements.  I think the weather is seriously discriminating against short people everywhere.

I know I could wear my sensible snow boots to and from work and change at work but I want to wear them to work so people can see how tall I really am!  The real me with 4inch heels!

It is so funny that I found this link on that is basically saying the bad weather is giving people an excuse to be a bit of a slob.  I have to say as much as I am trying to stay looking nice for work each day, the weather is seriously taking its toll and making me not really care at all about how I look.  

Fashion takes a bad weather break…