Do you remember the old days of calorie counting?  I remember my mum going on diets when I was young and it was all about counting calories.  On a strict diet, a woman was supposed to have no more than 1000 calories a day. That is practically nothing! It is hard to believe how much has changed since then and all the millions of diets that are now out there on the market from Weightwatchers, to South Beach, to Jenny Craig etc etc.  None of which count calories – not literally anyway.  So, why I ask, are chain restaurants like Au Bon Pain putting calories on their foods?  Well, of course I know but I just don’t like it one single bit!

My understanding from doing a little bit of research is that Massachusetts adopted broad rules requiring restaurant chains to post calorie counts on their menu boards in 2009, joining California and New York City in a move that the restaurant industry has opposed.  However, late last year, there was a decision not to do this as the Federal Government is now looking at it in order to try and make America more healthy.  It would seem that restaurants that may have had this plan underway are going ahead with it anyway.

I was at ABP this morning grabbing a French Roast; they do surprisingly good coffee, and a muffin.  I like to think of Friday’s as my treat day and used to always allow myself one muffin a week, until that turned into three and then four!  However, as I am trying to get back on track… again, I want to go back to a treat day to keep me sane.  Anyway, I digress.  I was talking to a colleague in ABP when we suddenly noticed calorie numbers on all the foods.  It is mortifying to see that a blueberry muffin; a cute little, innocent blueberry muffin is 490 calories!!!!  And, for some reason I bought it anyway.   Why did 490 calories not completely deter me and make me want to buy a banana instead?  My overwhelming desire for the blueberry muffin was just too much!  My colleague couldn’t bring herself to do it and went with a 250 calorie bagel instead.  If I was counting calories I would only have 510 left for the whole day!  I would need to save those for my wine.

By the way, today is jeans day at my office and guess what I am wearing?  You got it… my “jeggins!”  My new favorite clothes item and the downfall of my fashion iconism as we know it!  The great thing about them is when I eat a muffin, there is no sign of a muffin top because they stretch nicely with my waistline J.

Happy Friday!