As you know, in an effort to avoid every single thing in my closet that I think makes me feel pudgy these days, I have been wearing leggins – not for work of course.  Leggins are fantastic, especially with big cardigans and sweaters that so elegantly cover the undesirable areas that should never ever been seen in public.  In fact, even while at home on my own I don’t show these areas for fear of walking past a mirror and catching a glimpse of said undesirable areas. 

That all said, I am making an effort to get back on track, working out and eating better.  Very very early days but doing okay and keeping a positive attitude.  I once again got up at the crack of dawn, before dawn even, it was still dark, and made my way to the gym for another before work morning workout.  I have not even had any wine for two whole days!!!

So, what is the closet downfall you ask?  Well, I shall tell you.  I don’t want to wear my jeans because they just make me feel bad about myself.  I do however, very much like jeans, especially with my long boots.  I am not even sure I can share this but I must… I bought “jeggins!!”  I did, I know “jeggins” – the marvelous creation of leggins and jeans that are made up of very stretchy jean lookalike material but are not jeans at all!  I must admit I have been wanting them for a while but could not succumb to the pretend jean thingies.  Of course, if you are 5.8 and 105lbs they look awesome.  I am 5ft and ahem not 105lbs.  They don’t look good alone, but paired with a cute long sweater and boots, they are not half bad.  In fact, I heart them a little bit.  Is this the end of my fashion status?  Are jeggins the downfall of humanity?

What will become of me?  Am I overreacting?