What an absolutely delightful movie.  Colin Firth is truly at his best in playing King George VI.  And I have to say they should throw every award in the book at him for portraying such an amazing character so well.   To be honest, as a Brit, I sometimes learn more from movies than I ever did in my history class – maybe it was just the awful teacher I had.  I never knew King George had a stammer and how serious it was.

The cast of this movie was marvelous.  Helena Bonham Carter played his wife, Elizabeth (affectionately known in my years as the Queen Mum), whose strong passion for her husband pushed him to be the best he could be, and Geoffrey Rush played his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who was quite wonderful as an Australian self-taught speech therapist and failed actor.  The relationship between King George “Bertie” and Lionel is funny and sweet and sometimes very heartfelt and emotional and the two actors are completely in sync with each other in playing their respective roles.

The movie itself focuses on the relationship between “Bertie” and Lionel and the build up to King George’s historic address to his nation when England went to war in 1939 with Germany. You actually hold your breath when he is doing any of his speeches for fear he stutters, stammers and then completely clams up – it is quite emotional.  The movie also touches on other events from that time of the century such as King Edward’s (played by Guy Pierce) abdication from the thrown due to his love and wanting to marry a twice divorced woman, Wallace Simpson (very no no for that period); and the reason why “Bertie” was made King George.  It was also the start of World War II, which played a role throughout the movie.

All in all I absolutely loved this movie and think it is worth a Golden Globe, People’s Choice, an Oscar and a BAFTA.  Fantastic!!!