So, recently without even noticing I have turned into a legging wearing person.  I wear them all the time when I am not working.  I wear them at home, going shopping, meeting friends for wine, on casual Friday’s… wait that is working – yikes.  I literally wear leggings all the time!!!!  Of course, I have done this before when I have felt a little weighty around the mid region.  I am avoiding jeans like the plague.  I have a deep seated fear of putting them on and falling into a black hole so deep I can never ever get out it because of the muffin top and other softer regions that are turning up on my body and hanging over tight fitting clothing… exactly like jeans!  This is, of course, all due to my lack of exercise and over indulgent eating.  All my own doing, I know.

What I can do though is buy shoes.  One can always make their feet very pretty and that is exactly what I did today.  I made my feet very pretty indeed with a pair of fantastic, over indulgent, not for the lighthearted, gorgeous, I love them, Christian Louboutins.   I have worked my arse off all year and I feel that I deserve to make my feet feel fabulous.  The flip side of all this is the overwhelming guilt, which I am doing quite a fabulous job of suppressing :).  I am in love with my shoes!  I have wanted them for quite some time.  I think they are my lack of man replacement!

Both Kathleen and I went for a day of lunch, shopping, wine and fondue.  How good does that day sound?

Lunch started at Stephanie’s on Newbury Street, and then it was shopping.  We hit many many shops with the most extravagant purchase being my fabulous shoes from Saks.  Classic, black patent, 4-inch heels – stunning.  We then did a little bit of Lord & Taylor shopping where Kathleen bought a gorgeous long navy dress that she did not need but she must have.  Then on to French Connection where she bought a little black dress, always necessary, and finally, Victoria Secrets for some nice smalls.   Oh wait, I bought a dress from BCBG in Lord & Taylor… 80% off and very fun. 

I was then so close to completely hyperventilating we decided to go for a glass of wine and a little bit fondue at the Mandarin Bar.  What?  It made me feel better!

All in all, what a lovely day and the guilt I feel about buying my shoes, I am sure will eventually fade away J

Now… when can I wear them?