The other day I was “The Procrastinator”, today I am “The Indulger.”  Well, if the truth be known, I am an indulger on many days.  Usually when it comes to shopping, eating, sleeping and drinking wine, which pretty much covers most of the things I enjoy doing, and I do them all very well indeed!  I sometimes struggle with sleep indulgence but I do dream about it, a lot :).  I am already “evening dreaming” about it for tonight!

So, what am I indulging in now you ask?  I might as well just tell you and share my guilt – a guilt shared is a guilt halved – or something like that – or maybe I just made that up?  Anyway,  I hired a cleaner!!!!!  I know… so indulgent right?  I live alone, I am rarely home and I am pretty much a neat freak… I am a lot of a neat freak.  Here’s the thing, I am over it, totally and utterly over it… cleaning that is.  I don’t want to do it anymore.  I have an aversion to cleaning my bathroom and I truly dislike cleaning my wood floors.  I work hard and usually very long days, and the last thing I want to do is come home and clean, and I don’t want to clean at weekends anymore.  I am not talking about tidying; I am talking about the deep clean that truly comes with scrubbing and deep polishing and dusting every single picture frame and knick-knack.  I AM OVER IT.

Tonight I got home and was beyond excited about seeing my apartment after the first clean.  The first thing I noticed was how lovely my apartment smelled.  However, the second thing I noticed was that a number of things had been put on angles!!!!!!  I think my old roommate and quite possible a number of other friends might be laughing right about this point.  I don’t do angles, I do straight, I like symmetry.  My coffee table books, my coasters, my candles, pictures frames… all on angles.  My toothbrush and soap dispenser was swapped over with my mirror and put on an angle.  I am a leftie and need my toothbrush on the left.  I had to keep focusing on the fact that my bathroom was sparkling, it really was… the tub was like a ray of sunshine. 

I sat down on my sofa, which looked like it had new plumpness, almost like they had taken it apart and stuffed more plumping stuff into it.  It was like sitting on a new sofa!  I then noticed my wicker tall vases with twigs in them… it’s a home fashion thing okay 🙂 .  Well, they were all wrong and on weird odd angles.  I couldn’t sit down and had to get up to fix them.  I then sat down again and noticed my CD rack, yes I still have one, was also on some odd angle.  I had to get up and fix it.

I feel that putting some things on angles is not a big deal so I don’t think it warrants any feedback at all and my apartment was beautifully clean.  What do you think?

Do I sound like a sane person to you? 

They cleaned the inside of my fridge.  That is so nice and maybe a little odd.  Do cleaners normally do that?  I am not sure.

My floors, my furniture and my kitchen all looked shiny and sparkly – I didn’t think my sink could get that shiny!  It all looked lovely.  Oh and they made a flower out of the end of my toilet tissue.

Once I put everything back to the exact “right” angle, which means straight to me, I could relax, until I couldn’t find my remote control.  I wondered where on earth it could have gone.  Well, after 20 minutes of searching, I noticed the perfect little slot that holds all of my remotes and that is where they were – phew.  So then I relaxed to watch a little bit of TV.

And, I do still feel guilty about actually hiring a cleaner so I need to shake it off.   I mean after 15 minutes of putting things straight, it is totally worth it and is barely the cost of a night out.  Guilt is a funny thing.