I knew it going in… I had a long talk with myself about how difficult it was going to be, given my lifestyle and doing Weightwatchers – or any sort of diet for that matter.  What can you do with 18 points a day – not a lot, that’s what!

As an example, I had dinner with my friend Erin last night at Gaslight.  I only had 7 points left of my 18 point daily allowance.  I was determined to have one 2 point glass of wine and then a 5 point dinner – hahahaha… wait, I give me a minute to stop laughing before I continue.

Firstly, Erin thought I was bonkers going on Weightwatchers during the holiday season – she has a fair point.  Secondly, the second I looked at the menu I was done for.  I decided to go with the Moules frites and I was going to ignore the frites part – right, because that is incredibly easy to do with their yummy, skinny, salted just right fries. I should have told them to hold the fries! But then, Erin ordered fried artichokes, so I tried one and then another and then perhaps a third – I stopped counting.  They were only small but very deeply fried.  Then they brought over their signature warm, crusty French bread and butter, and then of course my Moules Frites, and yes I did eat the frites.  Oh, and I forgot to mention another glass of wine J. Damn and blast, I just remembered we ended with a cheese plate!!!!!   I quite obviously lie to myself on a consistent basis. 

I have been ignoring plugging in my food intake all day into the weightwatchers point tracker online because how on earth do you add up what I had last night! 

Now, here’s another issue.  I have dinner plans again tonight and tomorrow night and we have thanksgiving lunch at work tomorrow and I love turkey!  What has it been 3.5 days?  I am rubbish.  How on earth do people do this???  I am going to try and be good, I am. 

Who am I kidding I love food and wine, but I love food more… or do I?  It’s a dilemma I tell you!