I haven’t watched this show in years. It’s actually quite good and I know Tyra gets a bad rep, but I like her – she is a strong woman. 

Just recently my TV happened to be on this particular channel, and I was about to change channels when I got totally sucked in.  I stood, not seated, stood in front on the TV, remote in hand and just watched it.  I was planning to turn it over but instead I watched the whole show stood up with my remote on stand-by. 

Here’s the thing… the girls, and they are girls – 18-24 are not all pretty or gorgeous or obviously a model – like a Gisele.  They are awkward, gangly, big noses, little noses, gappy teeth, larger than life eyebrows and imperfect – which of course makes it good TV.  But, on photos – wow, in photos – striking and gorgeous. 

I need Tyra to do that for me.  I don’t want to be America’s Next Top Model, I am 43 for god’s sake, that’s ridiculous – even comical, but here’s what it makes me think about – every woman is beautiful.  All of us have something to offer, even if it is not on the front of Vogue.  However, I bet and I truly believe this, all of us could be on the front of Italian Vogue and with the help of say 50 consultants for hair, make-up, lighting etc… we could look AMAZING and that is because we are!!!   How about that for empowering!  I need to talk like this more often.  I need to give myself this type of advice!